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2011 / Not for Profit

The Lundin Foundation (LFA), focuses on equity investments and micro-cap grants into small and medium-sized businesses across Africa, with a view to generating wealth and sustainable employment needed to eliminate poverty in developing nations.

Case Study

The Lundin Foundation had previously operated as Lundin for Africa, an organization focused on direct charity and grants for community projects within Africa. Through their experience in Africa, the organization saw that they could amplify the benefits of their funding by investing in entrepreneurs and businesses early in their growth stage, thereby creating more local jobs and allowing communities to reap additional benefits beyond a one-time infusion of money or goods. The change in focus to a investment/micro-finance model required a rebranding of the organization to more accurately represent its work, and goals.


The design approach aims to show The Lundin Foundation as a professional, well run organization that is creating real value in Africa. Imagery showing communities and the positive benefit of the foundations investments is the primary focus of the design. Styling is subdued and conservitive, representing the financial focus of the organization.

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Website and IA

As a growing organization taking its first steps into managing a website, it was important to give the VCF a platform with which it could grow and evolve over time. Our ultimate solution relies on a framework of page templates matching different content types. Promotional pages which seek to communicate emotionally as much as through text are available, while text-rich templates that allow for dense information sharing flesh out the bulk of the website.

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